Tres tipos diademas para tu boda

Three types of headbands for your wedding

MarOne of the most appreciated trends today is to choose headbands for your wedding, since they not only give you a touch of distinction and innocence but also guarantee that your hair will look beautiful while making you feel comfortable and safe, something that every bride appreciates too much.

Going up the altar is one of the most important moments in life, in which everything must be ready in your appearance, including headdresses and accessories that, no matter how minimal, will project your figure and aura of beauty. The headbands for your wedding do not fall into the category of "small details", on the contrary, if there is something that everyone notices in a bride, it is those accessories that adorn her face and hair; These will shine for the groom and the guests, but they will also be captured for posterity in all the photographs and videos that will serve to remember such an endearing moment.

How to choose between so many Headbands for your Wedding?

This is not an easy task, but the intention of this article is to guide you in the ideal choice and that you do not have to suffer seeing so many diadems for your wedding but, on the contrary, be very clear about what are the qualities that this highly appreciated accessory should possess.

Color of the Headbands for your Wedding

Never choose a headband without first knowing what your wedding dress will look like. for other occasions, this would not represent a major conflict, but in this case everything must rotate with respect to the suit.

We suggest you start with light colors, mainly white, but also mother-of-pearl or pearl.

The first headband we recommend for your wedding is the Sweet Pearl Headband, which has a sinuous design , giving your appearance a very delicate look.

Diadema perla

Should I only choose headbands with very fine designs?

This can be an easy temptation, but it's not something that should be a constant. An intermediate headband or even a thick one can come in handy depending on the physiognomy or the combination of accessories used.

And here we come to the last 2 headband recommendations for your wedding. The Vanessa Headband no is very thin, but not too bulky either, it is perfect for a minimalist hairstyle, since it gives you will make it look without competing with other accessories.

With a slightly thicker design, the Maria Aperlada Headband is better suited to a wide variety of hairstyles, making you stand out and wake up a lot of attention to your hair.

Our beloved @beatrix.villa wearing the María Aperlada Diadema at her wonderful wedding

Diadema para novia

If you want to compare more designs, colors or styles of headbands for your wedding, remember to visit our headbands section at María de Sal.