Combinar Diademas y Aretes

Combining Headbands and Earrings

One of the big doubts when purchasing accessories is knowing how to identify what other garments they can match, and a particular concern assails us when it comes to combining headbands and earrings.

But this is not because they are difficult to harmonize, but because there are so many possible alternatives, the complexity lies in being able to choose which are the best fit. The characteristics of the headbands are practically endless, both in materials and in designs and colours: from gold, pearly, printed, plain or with rhinestones. And with earrings exactly the same thing happens, so finding affinities is easy, but let's see what not so related combinations can create truly attractive sets.

Below we present a trio of alternatives on how to combine headbands and earrings with taste, these groups will give you an idea of ​​what you should take into account when choosing pairs of these accessories.

Our Recommendations on How to Combine Headbands and Earrings

These combinations are suggestions based on interactions with our clients, but also on coincidences in observations that we have read in dozens of social media accounts of renowned image consultants from Mexico and the world.

With Candor

Aretes de flores

This combo of a light-colored patterned headband and Belia earrings lets you look fresh with a touch of innocence that makes you look a little younger. It is ideal for outdoor occasions, in which you want to show yourself as less artificial as possible.


It's a daring combination of warm colored earrings and light colored printed headband, which brings a carefree and graceful look to your look. It is perfect for day to day; It is made up of the Red Areca Earrings and the White Salomé Headband.


Aretes dorados

In this combination, the match is achieved thanks to the neutrality of the braided headband added to the volume and shine of the earrings Alima hoop earrings which provide a refined and cosmopolitan look .

We have no doubt that with these examples you will begin to have a better idea of ​​how to improvise new ways to combine headbands and earrings, adapting them to your style. Be sure to visit Maria de Sal, both in the store and in the news, you will always find what you are looking for to look beautiful and original all the time.